Survival horror game Until Dawn cancelled? or moved to PS4? ~ Update We recently learned that the manufacturer of Until Dawn - Playstation 3 cancelled this release and it will not be available for purchase. As a result, we've cancelled the item from your pre-order and you have not been charged. We apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience this may have caused.

E-mail from Amazon

Update: Until Dawn isn’t cancelled, studio will show more in the new year

I got in touch with Pete Samuels (Supermassive Games' Managing director) to clarify the original story below, and as it happens, Until Dawn is not cancelled. He told me in an email, “Until Dawn is most definitely not cancelled and we are still developing it. Not only that, but we’re really excited about what we’re creating and can’t wait to tell more and show more sometime soon. I understand that the silence has been frustrating for those people who have been looking out for more details.

“It’s clearly not planned to be a 2013 release any longer and I’m hoping and expecting to be able to say more in the new year, but that’s really all I’m able to say right now.”