Edge of Twilight Returns After Two Years in Development Limbo

Fuzzyeyes Resumes Development of Edge of Twiligh for Possible 2012 Release

It’s that time of year when avid gamers are beginning to draft their Christmas lists. But fans of action-adventure games should consider leaving one space empty—Edge of Twilight has been revived! JDJC & Fuzzyeyes Limited, the developer of Edge of Twilight is confirming today that the production of Edge of Twilight was resumed in late 2011. Edge of Twilight was one of the more highly anticipated titles throughout 2008 to 2010 due to its dark, steampunk atmosphere and novel world broken into the realms of light and darkness.

Published by the newly established publishing house, Fuzzyeyes Entertainment Limited and developed by JDJC & Fuzzyeyes Limited and its Japanese team Bow Interactive, a multinational game developer with development teams in throughout Oceania, Asia, and Japan, Edge of Twilight is currently slated for an “around Christmas” release date. More information on the release of this long awaited game remains will be released in the coming weeks.

About Edge of Twilight

The Edge of Twilight series is a multiplatform, diverse-genre series of steampunk titles, all taking place in the same world, one in which night and day exist as separate realms. The series will not commit to a set genre, but instead focus on a set world, flushing out the characters, world, and story throughout the series. The first title, which is set for release in late 2012, will carry the name of the series itself, Edge of Twilight, and will focus around Lex, a half-breed who can bridge the gap between the realms of darkness and light. This forthcoming title will be an action/adventure game with heavy focus on gameplay, story, and puzzles.