Dragon Age: Inquisition has gone gold

Dragon Age: Inquisition Has Gone Gold

I’m excited to announce that Dragon Age: Inquisition has gone gold on all platforms! This milestone is a testament to the hard work of the developers (and their families!) who put so much into this game, and took on every challenge that was put before them. That we’ve made it this far is also an acknowledgment of tremendous support and patience from our fans: you’ve been an inspiration to us since the beginning.

We started working on this game in earnest more than four years ago, before we’d even finished Dragon Age II. Back then, our goal was simple: do whatever we had to in order to tell the biggest story we’d ever told in the Dragon Age universe. Achieving that meant leaving no stone unturned – from adopting a new engine in Frostbite 3, to reimagining combat so it could blend tactics and action better than ever. It meant bringing back playable races in addition to gender choice, to work in conjunction with the biggest and deepest character creator we’ve ever built. It meant building a beautiful and detailed online platform to ensure your decisions from the previous games carried over. But most importantly, it meant crafting a story that put you in the role of a leader, with the biggest supporting cast we’ve ever had, made up of both new and returning characters.

These are characters who can challenge you, support you, fall in love with you, and maybe even betray you over the course of hundreds of hours of playing. Perhaps you’ll do the same with them. Looking over the vastness of the game we’ve finished, it really is the Dragon Age experience we’ve always wanted to make for you.

The biggest story of the year is yours to play, very, very soon. Thank you.

Mark Darrah, Dragon Age Executive Producer


Evolve Alpha delayed for PS4 due to the 2.0 firmware update

Big Alpha: Important news for PS4 players

We have some unfortunate news to share with folks planning to participate in the Big Alpha test on PlayStation 4 starting today. Following the recent PS4 2.00 firmware update, we are experiencing difficulties with the Evolve Big Alpha on PlayStation 4. As a result, the test on PlayStation 4 is postponed. PlayStation and 2K are working together on a resolution.

If you’re playing in the Big Alpha test on Xbox One or PC, don’t worry, the show will go on.

We know that for many of you PS4 players this is a big letdown. We’re disappointed too, and we’re going to do our best to make up for this delay. For starters, if you’re a PS4 player affected by this delay and you also own an Xbox One or PC, you can register on one of those platforms right now using the codes below and we’ll send you an invite today so you can start playing.

Step 1: Go to evolvegame.com/bigalpha

Step 2: Fill out the form completely including the registration code, referral code, and a valid email

Step 3: Check your email for an official invite with your product voucher code

Step 4: Redeem the product voucher code on the platform of your choice to download the game

Registration Code: 05379-29749-32069

Referral Code: EvolveBigAlpha4v1

We will update this post and the official Evolve Twitter @EvolveGame when we have more information to share.

Thanks for your understanding as we continue building the game.


Assassin's Creed Unity Leaked PS4 Version Screens

The Crew Dev Diary Featuring NVIDIA GameWorks

Download HQ Video .MP4 | 343 MB

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Screenshots

Final Fantasy XV Open World Gameplay, Tech Demo

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric & Shattered Crystal Japanese Overview Trailers

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombies Mode Leaked Cutscene

Download Leaked Video

Some Playstation Experience games and developers announced

PlayStation Experience website

PlayStation Experience Games & Developers Announced

So far, we haven’t revealed much about PlayStation Experience except that a) it’s happening in Las Vegas on December 6th & 7th and b) it’s going to be an awesome once-in-a-lifetime event for PlayStation fans. So we were delighted to see many loyal PlayStation fans take the leap of faith last week, planning trips to Las Vegas to participate in this very special community event. To those of you who already picked up your tickets — thank you! Your trust has not been misplaced. To those of you waiting on some additional information, I think/hope you’ll be pleased with this post.

Today, I’m happy to reveal some of the games and developers you can expect to see at PlayStation Experience — but this is just the start. We’re gearing up for announcements, panels, booths, merchandise, and playable games from these major game studios:

On top of that, throughout the show floor there will be more than 80 indie games, each with their own dedicated booth. You can find a list of many of these indie developers on the PlayStation Experience website, but there are a handful that you’ll have to be there to find out about.

Across these publishers and developers, you’ll encounter hundreds of titles to play over the course of the weekend. We can also confirm you’ll be playing the following games before they’re released (though there will be plenty more on the way).

Battlefield: Hardline - Big Fest - Bloodborne - DC Universe Online — War of the Light Part II and Legends PvE Co-Op Missions - Destiny Expansion 1: The Dark Below - Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Dying Light - Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series - Grim Fandango - Helldivers - Journey (PS4) - Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris - Mortal Kombat X - PlanetSide 2 - Tales from the Borderlands - Tearaway Unfolded - The Order: 1886 - The Tomorrow Children - The Witness - Until Dawn

Stay tuned for more. We will be updating the newly launched PlayStation Experience website with more games and event details leading up to December 6th, so you may want to drop a sweet, sweet bookmark and check back a little later.

Of course, as the name of this event implies, there will also be exclusive “PlayStation experiences” only available to attendees. PS4 virtual reality prototype Project Morpheus will make its hands-on (eyes-on?) debut at a stateside consumer event, and we’ll want you all to try out the future of gaming and give us your feedback.

We also have something super special planned for No Man’s Sky. I can’t say much, but let’s say that Saturday night should be memorable for those who can attend PlayStation Experience.

This is just the beginning. Keep a close eye on PlayStation.Blog in the days ahead for more info on developer panels, exclusive collectables, contests, and community activities over the next few weeks. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, you can do so right here. If you’re locked in and ready to go, join our Facebook event for regular updates leading up to the show.

See you all in Vegas!

Sid Shuman - Senior Manager, Social Media


Prey 2 officially cancelled

Bethesda confirms Prey 2 cancelled

Officially announced back in 2011, Prey 2 was the sequel to 2006's Prey. The story concentrated on US Marshall Killian Samuels, abducted by aliens and now working as an amnesiac bounty hunter on the alien world Exodus, struggling to remember his past.

A slick trailer caught the attention of fans but news around the title slowly dropped off and it seemed as if it was firmly in development hell.

At PAX Australia, Bethesda vice president Pete Hines has confirmed to CNET that Prey 2 is now officially cancelled.

"It was game we believed in, but we never felt that it got to where it needed to be - we never saw a path to success if we finished it," Hines said.

"It wasn't up to our quality standard and we decided to cancel it. It's no longer in development. That wasn't an easy decision, but it's one that won't surprise many folks given that we hadn't been talking about it.

"Human Head Studios is no longer working on. It's a franchise we still believe we can do something with -- we just need to see what that something is."


This Week's Famitsu Scans


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Heroes’ Fortress Bagooon!! (Vita) - (iOS) - (Android)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PS4) - (PS3) - (PC)

Monster Hunter Frontier G 'G6' Expansion (PS3) - (Xbox 360) - (Wii U) - (Vita) - (PC)

Phantasy Star Online 2 (Vita) - (iOS) - (Android) - (PC)

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Live Action Trailer

Far Cry 4 Has Gone Gold

Far Cry 4 Has Gone Gold

Clear your calendar. Call a few of your best buds. And steel yourself to survive in the audaciously beautiful country of Kyrat. Far Cry 4 has officially gone gold and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 18.

In Far Cry 4, players will become Ajay Ghale, a man born in Kyrat but raised in the United States. Ajay returns to the fictional Himalayan nation for personal reasons, only to become embroiled in a bloody civil war. With Kyrat, Far Cry 4 is set to deliver the franchise’s most ambitious world yet – a diverse region with a wide array of ecosystems and a richly realized cast of characters.

And then there’s co-op. Take one of the best parts of Far Cry – the open-world gameplay in which every second delivers a new story – and then bring in a friend. While you can still enjoy the entire experience solo, you now have “lots and lots of opportunities where it will be twice as much fun or twice as interesting or twice as funny with another person,” says Creative Director Alex Hutchinson.

Far Cry 4 is a major leap forward for the franchise. The story is fully integrated into the overall experience, with your choices making a real difference in a civil war that’s roiling Kyrat. The open-world is packed with surprises. The addition of open-world co-op allows gamers to double their fun in new and creative ways. And the PvP delivers a true Far Cry experience this time: pitting the rebel Golden Path against the mythical warriors of the Rakshasa, the asymmetrical competitive multiplayer is set on 10 maps based on familiar Kyrati locations, and uses animals (including elephants) and vehicles in 5v5 matchups across 3 distinct modes.

“When I look back at Far Cry 4’s development, I’m amazed at what the team pulled off,” says Executive Producer Dan Hay. “We added verticality. We gave the player the ability to fly. We gave them the ability to fly in co-op. We gave them the ability to fly and have the other player down on the ground running around while they’re flying. We made the number of encounters way higher. The encounters are different, and the animals are different. The characters are unique, and your friends will have subtly different experiences with the story. I’m proud of both the quality and the sheer volume in Far Cry 4.”

With so much to see and so much to do, Far Cry 4 is set to deliver even more of what fans crave from this open-world franchise. “After the critical and commercial success of the previous game, Far Cry is now one of Ubisoft’s top brands,” says Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Tony Key. “Far Cry 4 will raise the bar for the series yet again.”


Shadow of Mordor 'Lord of the Hunt' DLC Trailer & Details Revealed

Download HQ Trailer .MOV | 156 MB

Join the Struggle for Kyrat in Far Cry 4's All-New PVP Mode

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions today revealed new details about Lord of the Hunt, the first DLC expansion pack for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, available for purchase and to Season Pass holders later this year. In Lord of the Hunt, Sauron has dispatched lethal Beastmaster Warchiefs to exterminate the monsters of Mordor. Talion will join Torvin the Dwarven Hunter and use his powers of Domination to turn these menacing new beasts against the Warchiefs, proving that Mordor cannot be tamed.

Lord of the Hunt adds hours of new gameplay, and includes the following

New Story & Lore – Discover more tales from Torvin, the Dwarven Hunter, as you work together to tame the beasts of Mordor and fight Sauron’s minions.

New Nemeses – Face off against the Beastmaster Warchiefs, powerful new Uruks who have the ability to ride monsters and engage in perilous mounted combat.

New Monsters – Ride into battle on the Wretched Graug to vomit toxin at your foes, stalk your enemies on the predatory Caragath and attack from the shadows or raise an all-consuming Ghul Horde.

New Missions & Challenges – New Beast Hunting challenges and collectibles open up new trophies and achievements.

New Epic Runes – Make your Mount unstoppable with five new epic Runes that make you the ultimate hunter.

Test of the Wild – Test your skills against the Beastmasters and mount your trophies on the leaderboard.

New Character Skin – Lord of the Hunt skin transform Talion into the ultimate Beastmaster.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is available for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, PC and Steam; 21st November on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.